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Cambium ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna

Cambium Networks

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  • 5 GHz Beam Forming Antenna
  • ePMP has set the standard for high performance, scalability, and reliability in harsh interference environments all at a compelling price. ePMP 2000 is the next generation Access Point bringing interference tolerance to a whole new level with unique Hypure technology which combines Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming to deliver new levels of performance in the face of interference.
  • The ePMP 2000 System consists of a high-performance, GPS Synchronized Access Point Radio with Intelligent Filtering, a new compact high-performance Sector Antenna, and an optional Smart Antenna.
  • Intelligent Filtering improves both receive and transmit performance. It protects the network from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel. On the transmit side, it protects the RF environment by reducing off-channel transmission noise.

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The ePMP™ Smart Antenna enables Smart Beamforming. A part of the innovative Hypure technology powering ePMP 2000 and 3000 designed from the ground up to help real-world networks overcome powerful interference and maintain excellent performance.

Smart Beamforming drastically reduces the effects of on-channel interference. The System learns the locations of each served Subscriber Module and forms a narrow beam towards the desired Subscriber Module while that radio is transmitting in the uplink. This reduces the gain on the uplink for on-channel interferers that are transmitting at an azimuth angle different than the Subscriber Module, delivering performance gains never before seen.

Key Advantage:

  • Eliminate Uplink Interference: Smart Beamforming delivers dramatic performance improvements when dealing with strong co-channel uplink interference, maximizing network performance.
  • Consistent Performance in High Interference: By mitigating significant sources of interference, packet loss and retransmissions are kept to a minimum, keeping your network applications working at their best.
  • Improvement in Uplink and Downlink Performance: By eliminating packet loss and retransmissions resulting from cochannel uplink interference, TCP retransmissions are greatly reduced. Other applications also show significant performance benefits.

Cambium Networks


ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna Specifications
Compatibility ePMP 2000 Access Point only
Channel Spacing 5150 – 5970 MHz (exact frequencies as allowed by local regulations)
Connectors to Access Point 2 x 50 ohm, RP (Reverse Polarity) SMA, DC Coupled (powering antenna)
Mounting Hardware Included for mounting to ePMP 5 GHz Sector Antenna (C050900D021A) Included for mounting to mast diameters 2” to 4” (5 cm to 10 cm) Up to +10 degree tilt
Physical Dimensions 13.1″ (L) x 8.4″ (W) x 1.8” (H) (33.3 cm x 21.3 cm x 4.6 cm)
Without Mounting Brackets
Weight 3.2 lbs. (1.5 kg)
Without Mounting Brackets
Environmental IP65
Radome Material UV Protected ABS
Operating Temperature -30° C to +55°C (-22° F to +131°F)
Power Consumption 2.5 W1 (provided by ePMP 2000 Access Point)
Environmental Cover Included Yes
Wind Loading Operational at ≤ 145km/hr, Survival at ≤ 209km/hr

ePMP 2000 Solutions:

So long, interference

Cambium Networks’ ePMP 2000 takes interferencetolerant, high performance, and reliable wireless broadband to a new level with innovative technology and proven, deployed-worldwide equipment, keeping you and your customers happy for an affordable price.

ePMP 2000 is built from the ground up to provide high performance, reliably, in real-world interference-heavy environments. Powered by innovative Hypure™ technology, ePMP 2000 incorporates Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering to help you deliver the services your customers expect in the face of heavy interference.

With the feature-rich ePMP foundation including frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization, eFortify, 120 active subscribers per access point and 200+ Mbps of real-world achievable throughput, ePMP 2000 is designed, built and tested to reliably connect people, places, and things.

Example Use Cases

Wireless Service Providers (WISPs)

  • Rural connectivity
  • Municipal connectivity
  • Enterprise and campus connectivity


  • Wireless video surveillance networks
  • Industrial and mining applications
  • LAN extension

End-to-End Performance

ePMP encompasses a comprehensive range of subscriber modules, access points, and sector antennas to make sure your network performs at its best, from end-to-end.

Top Line Specifications

  • Reliable, consistent performance in real-world conditions
  • 5, 10, 20, and 40 MHz channel bandwidths
  • 200+ Mbps of real-world throughput
  • Up to 120 active subscribers per access point
  • Secure over-the-air communications (128-bit AES encryption)
  • Industry leading frequency reuse via GPS Synchronization
  • Configurable QoS for voice, video, and data
  • Up to 64km deployment range
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint options (software configurable)
  • End-to-end cloud management with cnMaestro™

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