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PLC Splitter 1×4 Bare

Fibre Optics

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  • Free This PLC Splitter 1×4 SM Sample for evaluation
  • Quick Delivery on Trial Order or Bulk Order
  • Well Made Premium Fiber Cable
  • Plastic Packing Protection from Shipment
  • Compact design, suitable for installation in optical equipment
  • 900μm ITU G.657A1 for fiber input/output


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8 in stock

PLC Splitter 1×4 Single Mode Blockless PLC Fiber Optic Coupler


This PLC Splitter 1×4 Single Mode Blockless PLC Fiber Optic Coupler with 1 input and 4 output fibers with an even split ratio across all fibers regardless of input wavelength. PLC Splitters are available with 900µm loose tube single-mode fiber and terminated or unterminated as per your needs. Unconnectorized PLC splitters come with no connectors for easy splicing or connectorization. Connectorized PLC Splitters are available with your choice of Fiber Optic Connectors: LC/UPC, LC/APC, SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, and ST/UPC.


Fibre Optics

PLC Splitter 1×4 Specification

PLC Splitter Type 1×4 PLC Splitter
Configuration Type 1×4
Connector Type SC/APC,SC/UPC,LC FC ST
Fiber Length 1m or 1.5m or Requested
Package Style Blockless
Fiber Type Singlemode G657A1 or G652D
Operating Bandwidth 1260~1650nm
Fiber Diameter 0.9mm
Typical Insertion Loss (≤) dB 7
Insertion Loss (≤) dB 7.4
Loss Uniformity (≤) dB 0.6
Polarization Dependent Loss (≤) dB 0.2
Wavelength Dependent Loss (≤) dB 0.3
Return Loss (≥) dB 50
Directivity (≥) dB 55
Temperature Dependent Loss (≤) dB 0.5
Max Temperature Dependent Loss (-40~85°C) 0.5
Operating Temperature (°C) -40~85
Storage Temperature (°C) -40~85
Sealing Package Dimension (mm) 50*4*4
Blockless Sealing Package Dimension (mm) 60*7*4

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