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Splicer Electrode

Fibre Optics

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  • Fiber Splicer Electrodes
  • Use life for splice 3000-5000 times
  • Made in China
  • 1 pair of Fiber Fusion Splicer Electrode Rod for 6496A 6471 6471A 6471AG
  • Note:Do not touch the tip of the electrode during the replacement process to prevent damage, and avoid the electrode falling inside the machine. The electrode position must be calibrated after the electrode is replaced

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6 in stock

Electrode for Fusion Splicer ER series

The ER series of electrodes are specifically designed for SUMITOMO fusion splicer. The electrodes have an important role in making a consistent and reliable splice. The ER series are supplied with a pair.

Type 1

  • Use for FUJIKURA 50S , 60S optical fusion splicer
  • Number of splices : > 4,000
  • Loss:

Type 2

  •  Ttt 39 optical fusion splicer
  •  Number of splices : > 4,000
  •  Loss:

Fibre Optics

Technical Specifications

Electrode cleaning and arc calibration:
1. In the electrode after the installation is complete, open welding machine power switch.
2. Welding machine into the initial screen, press the menu button to enter the menu.
3. Through the movement of the cursor is located the machine maintenance and cleaning electrode entry. After confirmation, machine
will automatically discharge cleaning and electrode aging.
4. Installation must good left / right fiber, through the movement of the cursor to find the arc position, through the operation
of the fiber end and two electrode tips to keep the three-point line position, the machine will discharge test, according to the
actual situation can be adjusted.
5 Finally, press the menu key, turn out.

Discharge times
> 4800 times
Applicable models
one pair(2 pcs)

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