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Ubiquiti UniFi TOUGH Cable Carrier UISP-Cable-Carrier


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  • Extreme Weatherproofing
  • ESD Damage Protection
  • Extended Cable Support
  • The UISP-Cable-Carrier is a Category 5e cable that delivers multilayered elemental protection with a primary braid shield and a weatherproof jacket that prevents damage from rain, snow, and other harsh climatic conditions.
  • The cable is also equipped with a drain wire and internal foil shielding to protect it from electrostatic discharge (ESD), and its anti-crosstalk divider preserves signal integrity, allowing the cable to maintain Gigabit Ethernet link rates even when electromagnetic interference is present.

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Designed for high-speed UniFi and indoor deployments, Ubiquiti’s UniFi Cat6 Indoor Ethernet Cable supports speeds of up to 10G. Available in lengths of 304m (1000ft), it uses 23 AWG solid copper conductor pairs, with an anti-crosstalk divider for improved pair isolation.

Flame-retardant and CMR fire-rated, the UniFi cable can be run vertically between walls or installed as part of in-wall or riser cabling applications.

Package Contents

  • 1x Ubiquiti UniFi Cat6 CMR Cable – 304m


  • 1,000 ft (305 m) Category 5e cable
  • 24 AWG solid copper conductor pairings
  • Insulated, weatherproof cable jacket
  • Internal braid and foil shielding
  • Drain wire that protects against ESD damage
  • Anti-crosstalk divider
  • Cable: CAT5e, Shielded
  •  Ethernet: Supports Up to 1Gbps
  •  Conductor wire gauge: 24AWG
  • Conductor: Solid bare copper
  •  Conductor diameter: 0.500 ± 0.005 mm
  •  Insulation type: Solid PE
  •  Insulation thickness: AVG: 0.295mm, MIN: 0.29mm
  •  Insulation diameter: 1.16 ± 0.02mm
  •  Separation (polyester wrapping):Thick: 0.025mm, Extent: 20mm
  •  Anti-Crosstalk divider: LDPE: 4.2*0.3 mm
  •  Cable shield (aluminum foil): Thick: 0.060mm, Extent: 20mm
  •  ESD drain wire: 0.4TC
  •  Rip cord: Yes
  •  Secondary cable shield (Braid): 16*8*0.16AA Density: 95%
  •  Jacket material: PE
  •  Jacket thickness: AVG: 0.52mm, MIN: 0.46mm
  •  Jacket outer diameter: 6.8 ± 0.30 mm
  •  Jacket color: Gray

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