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Cambium ePMP 2000 5GHz Access Point Lite

Cambium Networks

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  • Access Point with Intelligent Filtering
  • The Next-Generation Access Point with Unique Hypure Technology, Which Combines Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming
  • ePMP has set the standard for high-performance, scalability, and reliability in harsh interference environments all at a compelling price. ePMP 2000 is the next-generation Access Point bringing interference tolerance to a whole new level with unique Hypure technology, which combines Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming to deliver new levels of performance in the face of interference.
  • The ePMP 2000 System consists of high-performance, GPS-Synchronized Access Point (AP) Radio with Intelligent Filtering, a new compact high-performance Sector Antenna, and an optional Smart Antenna.

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Intelligent Filtering improves both receive and transmits performance. It protects the network from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel. On the transmit side, it protects the RF environment by reducing off-channel transmission noise.

Smart Beamforming drastically reduces the effects of on-channel interference. The System learns the locations of each served Subscriber Module (SM) and forms a narrow beam toward the desired SM while that radio is transmitting in the uplink. This reduces the gain on the uplink for on-channel interferers that are transmitting at an azimuth angle different than the SM, delivering performance gains never before seen.

Key Advantage:

  • Industry-Leading Interference Tolerance: Intelligent Filtering hardens ePMP 2000 to strong off-channel interferers and reduces off-channel noise for better radio co-location. Smart Beamforming with the optional Smart Antenna delivers dramatic performance improvements when dealing with strong co-channel interference.
  • Frequency Reuse: GPS Synchronization and Transmit Power Control allow for industry-leading frequency reuse.
  • Unmatched Performance and Scalability: With the efficient ePMP MAC protocol and advanced air-fairness scheduler, up to 120 simultaneously active Subscriber Modules can be served without performance degradation.

Key Specifications:

  • Supports up to 120 Subscriber Modules
  • Supports a wide frequency range: 5150 – 5970 MHz
  • 802.3at compliant 100/1000BaseT Interface

ePMP 2000 Solutions:

So long, interference

Cambium Networks’ ePMP 2000 takes interference tolerant, high performance, and reliable wireless broadband to a new level with innovative technology and proven, deployed-worldwide equipment, keeping you and your customers happy for an affordable price.

ePMP 2000 is built from the ground up to provide high performance, reliably, in real-world interference-heavy environments. Powered by innovative Hypure™ technology, ePMP 2000 incorporates Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering to help you deliver the services your customers expect in the face of heavy interference.

With the feature-rich ePMP foundation including frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization, eFortify, 120 active subscribers per access point and 200+ Mbps of real-world achievable throughput, ePMP 2000 is designed, built and tested to reliably connect people, places, and things.


Cambium Networks


System Configurations

  • 1+0, 2+0 SP/DP (No XPIC)
  • HW ready –XPIC
  • Low Visual w/ flat panel antenna (43dBi –class 2)
  • Multiband with PTP 820C and PTP 820S

Hardware Options

  • “ESE” –Elec/SFP(Bidi)/Elec
  • “ESP” –Elec/SFP(Bidi)/SFP+

Power Options

  • PoE Injector (Dual DC feed, +24 and -48VDC support)
  • External Power (Using an RJ-45 to DC cable adaptor)

Radio Configurations

  • High power -18dBm output power
  • BPSK-1024QAM ACM (channel BW dependent)
  • Channel BW: 62.5, 125, 250, 500MHz


  • “Smart-Pipe” mode (Eth L1 services)
  • “CET node” mode (EthL2 services)
  • MEF 2.0 Carrier Ethernet switch•Header de-duplication
  • LLDP
  • Standard QoS•Frame cut through
  • LAG functionality•Automatic State Propagation
  • ABN –Interoperability with Cisco -ACM messages
  • Ethernet & Radio PMs
  • Ethernet Service OAM -Y.1731 FM
  • SyncE
  • IEEE 1588TC

PTP 820E Physical Description

Port 1 10/100/1000 BaseT
External DC option
10/100/1000 BaseT
External DC option
Management port (no traffic)
Port 2 Regular SFP – Eth2
CSFP (Dual Bidir SFP) – Eth2 and Eth3
Port 3 10/100/1000 BaseT
Management port (no traffic)
SFP+, 10GE
Management port (no traffic)
Exp Port Plan for future (XPIC & HSB)

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