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Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

Fibre Optics

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  • 7 types of Model lineup
  • Compact body with long hour operation
  • Intuitive operation by touch and hard keys
  • Connectivity
  • Enhanced OTDR performance
  • Functions and features for improved work efficiency

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5 in stock

Dual-operation mode

Touchscreen and hard-key buttons
Tap, swipe, pinch or press. Choose between the high resolution 5.7-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen or the robust hard-key buttons in any combination desired. OTDR operations have never been easier!

Dual-operation mode

Dual-operation mode


Long battery operation time

Over 10 hours!
No worrying about running out of battery power during your daily work. The AQ1210’s high capacity Li-Ion polymer battery will last for 10 hours under the Telcordia standard conditions.


Quick boot-up

Under 10 seconds!
From completely OFF to measurement ready in under 10 seconds!


High-speed, high-performance real-time measurement

When detecting/identifying the position of a fiber end point or bend of an installed optical fiber network, a user, according to the operating environment, can choose among the two modes: the high-speed mode with less measuring time and the high accuracy mode that is capable of reproducing a high-quality trace.

High-speed, high-performance real-time measurement

Yellow: Real-time (Hi-Speed), Blue: Real-time (Hi-Reflection), Red: Averaged (Hi-Reflection)


Multi-fiber measurement

Measurement conditions of up to 2000 cores are managed in a table, allowing efficient measurement of multi-fibers.
For each core number, OTDR measurement, loss measurement and fiber core surface image can be saved.
Cores that have been measured are highlighted in color and saved data can be shown in the preview window by selecting the core number in the table. This prevents unintended omission in core measurements and reduces your working time at a site.

Multi-Fiber Project


OTDR view mode

traceThe OTDR view can be switched between the trace and the map by simply tapping the icon. The trace is a traditional view with an OTDR trace and event markers, and the map is an icon-based view for easy interpretation of network events, which is also used for the Smart mapper function.

OTDR view mode


Loss test

Use the light source and optical power meter to measure optical loss.*1

High power measurement

The high power optical power meter (/HPM option) can measure the high optical power up to +27 dBm. It allows to measure video services and long distance transmission lines where an optical amplifier is used to boost the optical signal power.


Auto loss test function*2

The AQ1210 can transmit the wavelength information of light source to the other AQ1210 placed at the other end to set the same wavelength for the optical power meter, and they are capable of switching the wavelengths automatically; therefore, the loss measurements can always be performed at right wavelengths.

Auto loss test function


Multi-fiber loss test*2

The Multi-fiber loss test function incorporates two AQ1210s as master and slave through the communication fiber in the cable under test. They share a test project information including fiber numbers to be tested and measurement conditions, so that you can ensure the measurement is performed properly for each fiber of the cable under test.

Multi-fiber loss test

*1: /SPM or /HPM option is required.
*2: AQ1210, AQ1200, and AQ1100 with /SPM or /HPM option can be used.


PON power measurement*3

The PON power meter can measure the optical power both at 1490 nm and at 1550 nm simultaneously by separating those wavelengths. It is a suitable tool for measuring the optical power of OLT and V-OLT.
*3: /PPM option is required.

PON power measurement




Fibre Optics

Model lineup

Model Number of
Cut Filter Number of
OTDR port
Dynamic range (dB)(Typ) Application
Port1 (nm) Port2 (nm) Installation Maintenance
1310 1550 1625 1650 MM
Dark Live
AQ1210A 2 1 37 35
AQ1215A 2 1 42 40
AQ1210E 3 2 37 35 35
AQ1215E 3 2 42 40 39
AQ1215F 3 2 42 40 37
AQ1216F 3 2 42 40 40
AQ1210D 4 2 37 35 25 27

PON optimized

Excellent hardware performance and advanced analysis algorithm enable the AQ1210 to accurately characterize Passive Optical Networks (PON) through high-port-count splitters (up to 1 × 128)*.
The AQ1210 assists beginner/expert users in simply configuring OTDR measurement settings based on PON topology information for optimal results. Short event dead zone and high sampling resolution enable users to detect as close as 0.5 meters (<20 inches)*.
*Typical, with AQ1215A/E/F and AQ1216F

PON optimized

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